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Industrial Printware

Selecting the right kind of printers for industrial application ensures a faster and easier print at an optimal cost. Richmatt, with our partner, Microplex, has the experience and expertise to implement the latest industrial printing solutions in any complex enterprise, warehouse and production environments.


Microplex offers a wide-range of customized printing solutions that is designed for industrial and logistics applications. With over 30 years of background in developing industrial printers, Microplex solutions ensure your workflows are not only simplified and accelerated, but also more secure and efficient. The product line includes thermal printers, continuous form laser and colour printers and impact printers. Microplex printers are used across various industries such as automotive, newspapers, bank, trade, hazardous goods etc.
Laser Printer

Laser Printer

SOLID 52 A4- Industrial Grade Cut Sheet Laser Printer

The SOLID 52A4 is suitable for a wide field of applications due to the immense possibilities of the Microplex Print Controller (MPC) and the hardware features of the printer itself. Its versatile just-in-time printing, optional PDF direct printing as well as optional WIFI are just a few applications to mention. Thus, the perfect integration of the SOLID 52A4 into conveyor systems and production lines via optional GPIO and Status Out is a given. It is suitable for use in automotive as well as production industries.

Continuous Form Laser Printers

Solid F40- Economical 16-inch Continuous Laser Printer

Inexpensive to purchase, inexpensive to operate: the SOLID F40 is the most economical printer in its class. As a continuous laser printer for medium printing volumes, it covers a very broad spectrum of deployment areas. The powerful Microplex Controller guarantees connection versatility, easy system integration and high printing performance. Cold fusing via Xenon flash lamps also enables thermally sensitive materials such as plastic or PVC to be used. And fusing is also trouble-free even on thick materials. It is suitable for label batch printing, ticket printing and logistics and business documents.

Thermal Printers

Logi JET TC8- Two-colour Thermal Printer for Hazardous Warning Labels

The interplay of the surface material and adhesive is decisive for the quality and longevity of hazardous goods labels. Liquids, oil, grease, soapsuds, solvents, acids or salt water should not have a negative impact on the labeling or adhesive. This demands the use of advanced materials – and powerful printers capable of handling such materials up to 8-inch width easily, swiftly and reliably. Thanks to GHS-compliant printing, continuous batch processing and an optimal processing sequence, Microplex logiJET TC8 fulfill such demanding tasks with impressive speed and at a level of quality you can always rely on – even under the most challenging conditions.

Thermal Transfer Printers

Logi JET TM4- Mobile Thermal Transfer Printer

The logiJET TM4 thermal printer is one of the smallest mobile thermal transfer printers on the market. With battery connection and WiFi, this compact, wireless printer can be flexibly used at any place. It is designed for the toughest continuous loads in production and logistics, with an internal label roll protected from dust and dirt. It is ideal for mobile workplaces, installation on industrial trucks, small packing spaces and locations with high dust load.